About Bambi

Bambi is a white French Bulldog puppy with a calming presence that can melt anyone’s heart. Her serene personality is what sets her apart from the pack.

Bambi is a loyal and affectionate puppy that loves to cuddle. She is happiest when she’s curled up with her owner, and her gentle personality will soothe even the most anxious person. She is easily trainable and has a natural elegance that makes her easy to handle.

While Bambi enjoys playing outdoors with her toys and going for walks, her calm nature means she’s also content to relax indoors. She’s perfect for homes with small spaces but would also thrive in larger homes with children and family.

French Bulldogs are a highly intelligent breed, and Bambi is no exception. She learns new tricks and commands quite fast, making her a breeze to train. Socialization training is an area where Bambi excels due to her outgoing personality. She is friendly towards other pets and kids, making her an ideal family companion.

Age: 12 weeks.

Gender: Female

Vaccination: Current on all Vaccines.

AKC Registered

Price:  $1980


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