About Barry

Barry is an adorable white English Bulldog puppy with charming brown spots. He has an irresistible personality that makes him an ideal pet for any family.

English Bulldogs are a well-loved breed, known for their friendly and affectionate personalities. Barry does not disappoint in this regard. Barry is a happy and playful pup who loves his owners and is often excited to see them. He is a good-natured and friendly dog that brings joy and laughter to his family’s life.

Barry’s playful nature is infectious, and he loves to play with his owners, particularly children. He is good-natured and gentle, making him the perfect companion for families with young kids. Despite his playful side, he takes his naps seriously and can be found taking a quick snooze whenever he feels like it.

Barry’s soft white fur and brown spots make him an absolute heart-melting pup, and he loves being the center of attention. His coat is short and easy to maintain, requiring a quick brushing every few days. He has a pudgy and wrinkled face that makes him a favorite among dog lovers.

Age: 10 weeks.

Vaccination: Current on all Vaccines.

AKC Registered

Price:  $1780


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