About Maddy

Maddy is a white French Bulldog puppy with a light brown face that makes her incredibly adorable. She’s a delightful puppy that radiates enthusiasm and curiosity.

Maddy’s playful and inquisitive nature makes her an excellent pet for families with children. She loves to play and has boundless energy when it comes to games. When she isn’t playing, you can find her snuggling up next to her owner, where she loves to be cuddled.

As a French Bulldog, Maddy is a highly intelligent breed that learns new tricks and commands quickly. She is known for her unparalleled loyalty and is always ready to please her owner. Maddy’s friendly nature makes her well-suited for socialization training, where she can meet and interact with other pets, making her comfortable with new environments.

Age: 8 weeks.

Vaccination: Current on all Vaccines.

AKC Registered

Price:  $1999


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