About Zorro

Zorro is a beautiful white English Bulldog puppy with charming brown spots that give him a unique and striking appearance. Just like his name suggests, Zorro is an adventurous little pup, and he loves to explore his surroundings.

Bulldogs are known for their friendly and affectionate personalities, and Zorro is no exception. He is a loving and loyal companion who likes to bond with his family members. He is also very playful and enjoys spending time with his toys and any willing playmates.

Zorro is an excellent choice for families with children, as he is gentle and loves to play with kids. He is also an excellent companion for adults who are looking for a loyal and loving pet to add to their household. His friendly demeanor and playful nature make him an irresistible pet for anyone.

Zorro’s white coat and brown spots make him a stunning dog, and his wrinkles add to his charm. His short fur is relatively easy to maintain, and he requires minimal grooming, making him an ideal pet for busy families.

Age: 9 weeks.

Vaccination: Current on all Vaccines.

AKC Registered

Price:  $1480


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